Peabody-Vance Neighborhood

Council Meeting Report

  • Thanks to TOPS for hosting again. Our next meeting will be June 11 at 5:30 at MIFA.
  • Attending Sharon Coleman, PV leader; Rev. Derrick Davis, Jenny B-Prescott, Don Hassle, Nelsie Brown, Jonathon Mrazek and Dale Gunn.
  • At our 4-7 we discussed having some stationery to use for flyers to announce meetings, etc. I took a stab at it but need some help. Jenny, I could not get the CHC logo to copy from the web site. Gavin, you are probably the one to work on this. And Trina, Methodist should approve the use of the logo.
  • Numerous concerns with the physical and social condition of rental properties were discussed. Derrick Davis will work on getting the demolition process started on some of the derelict properties.
  • The Peabody Vance neighborhood Council has been registered as an active neighborhood with Mr. Donald Jones of the Office of Planning and Development. Sharon Coleman will contact Mr. Jones to get more copies of the OPD cards with helpful contact information of various government offices.
  • The group can improve with a little more structure. Derrick Davis will get a copy of the bylaws from his Parkway Neighborhood Association for PV to use as a model.
  • Jonathon Mrazek will make contacts to get street lights installed on Camilla.
  • Don Hassell will continue his work to get trash cans installed in the neighborhood
  • Security Meeting Report

    Midtown Security Community--

    Please see the enclosed link that will give you a quick overview/review of key points from our recent MSC meeting.

    "Be part of the solution. Help keep Midtown a safe place to live and work."

    Peggy Williamson

    Peggy Williamson, Chair
    Midtown Security Community
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