Peabody-Vance Neighborhood

Council Meeting Report

We want to take this moment to give a brief update and thanks for everyone that came out to the meetings on October 12th, 2015.   We would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Sally Heinz of MIFA and Pastor Derrick Davis at The Tabernacle of Praise for allowing us to house our meetings at their establishments.

Thanks to Colonel Houston, Colonel Paul Wright and Michael McCollum for their dedicated services to our communities and also for providing additional patrol and safety to our neighborhood boundaries.

We welcome The Promise Program as they continue to work with our neighborhood and also  towards their plans to help those in distress become whole.

Have you seen our  Neighbor Watch Signs? They are up on the corners of East and Peabody and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Peabody and a special thanks goes out to Veronica Davis for those.

Our Councilman Ford Jr. was in attendance in our morning meeting and we're appreciative for his presence.

We are asking all property owners to please attend the meetings.  If you own property in the neighborhood you should be complying with the bylaws.  If you are complying your help is still needed as we continue to move forward with our mission. There is plenty of work to do and we need all residence and property owners to help maintain what we have established and to join in to support our mission to move forward.

Please help us to keep our neighborhood clean by cleaning up around your properties. If there are broken down trees, windows, over grown grass, trash on properties, running over dumpsters, graffiti, you may dial 311 and report.  You can report your concerns under Peabody Vance Neighborhood Association. When reporting loitering, hanging out or other illegal activities to Memphis Police Department you many also use Peabody Vance Neighbors Association.
We ask that all apartment owners send out  notices to let tenants know of our bylaws of no loitering, loud noise and hanging clothes on the balconies or leaving dumpsters out more than 24 hours after pickup. Please advise no broken windows, blinds and sheets in the windows. 

Finally, we need your help to help our community.  If you have a service to offer that can help make our neighborhood a better place to live please contact my office at 901-525-1645.  We will start a referral list.

This is only an update and recap of October 12th meeting.  Again we appreciate you helping us to help make our neighborhood a safe and clean place to live and travel through.

Let's come together in numbers and continue to move forward with our mission. Changing the Image of a Hood to Our Home. See you at the December meeting. Thanks.

Sharon Coleman
President Peabody Vance Neighbors Association

Council Meeting Agenda

Peabody Vance Neighbors Association

Agenda: May 11, 2011

Welcome and Thanks
From Sharon L. Coleman (Neighborhood Leader)

Discussion Items

  • Working with Memphis Police Department: Col. Bullard
    Organize Crime Unit: Detective Gray
    District Attorney Office: Attorney Paul Hagerman - Public Nuisance
    Deidre Baker: Environmental Officer
    Beth Flanagan: Bio Works Medical District
    Attorney Steve Barlow: Blight
    City of Memphis: Street Maintenance
    • Dealing with apartments and business owners who allow illegal activities on their property
    • Enforcing "No Loitering" Signs and "No Trespassing" Signs in our Neighborhood
    • 945 Peabody, 947 Peabody and 972 Peabody: Trouble Areas (Public Nuisance)

  • Working with Code Enforcement - Environmental Officer: Ms. Deidre Baker
    • Overgrown grass and trash on vacant properties and abandoned property, causing rats and rodents
    • 320 South Dudley and 976 Linden: Vacant properties overgrown grass and trash
    • Vacant properties demolition
    • Illegal Activities and Code Enforcement Issues Apartments

  • New Businesses and Ideas to Improve Our Neighborhood
    • Report Vacant Lots
    • Report Vacant Houses
    • Report Vacant Buildings

  • Existing Property Owners Maintaining The Appearance of Their Property
    • Cutting of Grass
    • Cleaning of Property from Trash and Furniture
    • Proper Lighting
    • "No Loitering" Signs and "No Trespassing" Signs.

    Special Thanks and Dismiss
    Pastor Derrick Davis of the Tabernacle Church and Gavin Anderson (our website designer)

Council Meeting Report

  • Thanks to TOPS for hosting again. Our next meeting will be June 11 at 5:30 at MIFA.
  • Attending Sharon Coleman, PV leader; Rev. Derrick Davis, Jenny B-Prescott, Don Hassle, Nelsie Brown, Jonathon Mrazek and Dale Gunn.
  • At our 4-7 we discussed having some stationery to use for flyers to announce meetings, etc. I took a stab at it but need some help. Jenny, I could not get the CHC logo to copy from the web site. Gavin, you are probably the one to work on this. And Trina, Methodist should approve the use of the logo.
  • Numerous concerns with the physical and social condition of rental properties were discussed. Derrick Davis will work on getting the demolition process started on some of the derelict properties.
  • The Peabody Vance neighborhood Council has been registered as an active neighborhood with Mr. Donald Jones of the Office of Planning and Development. Sharon Coleman will contact Mr. Jones to get more copies of the OPD cards with helpful contact information of various government offices.
  • The group can improve with a little more structure. Derrick Davis will get a copy of the bylaws from his Parkway Neighborhood Association for PV to use as a model.
  • Jonathon Mrazek will make contacts to get street lights installed on Camilla.
  • Don Hassell will continue his work to get trash cans installed in the neighborhood
  • Council Meeting Report

    Thanks to Pastor Derrick Davis for hosting our meeting last night. A small, but interested group of Peabody Vance folks attended including three homeowners (Don Hassell, Sharon Coleman and Dale Gunn), three institutions (TOPS, Church Health, MIFA), one business (Andy Griffin from Cotton Boll) and four guests (Dr. R Jamison, Felecia Barnes, Barry and Katie Lincoln) who are interested in the area. 

    Next meeting:
    Tuesday April 7, 5:30 pm,
    Tabernacle of Praise, 306 S Somerville
    Leader – Sharon Coleman

    Discussion at the 2-9-09 meeting:

  • Jenny Prescott (CHC) discussed the web site that Gavin Anderson has updated; we hope this is a good communication tool for the area; address is; analytics on hits were not available; please contact Gavin to add information
  • Don Hassell has found a way to get free trashcans for the neighborhood. Mike Camerati at the Sanitation Dept. 272-2408 is with a division of Solid Waste that will supply, install and empty them weekly; the New Pathways logo can be added at our expense; Don will follow up to get them installed at high traffic spots on Dudley, Somerville, Pauline and Vance; Don will check with OPD to determine any code regulations that control their placement.
  • Sharon Coleman has worked hard to thwart the opening of a club in the old gas station at Linden and Dudley. A group has attempted to open a business as a Thrift Shop and then slyly flip the use to a club; parking requirements will hopefully prevent this but the neighbors should remain vigilant.
  • Dr. Jamison voiced his interest in everyone rallying together to push crime out of the neighborhood. He grew up and attended school in the area and remembers how nice things were.
  • Sharon Coleman will organize and lead the April 7 meeting; Margaret Craddock will be the secretary and will send out notices; everyone will try to bring two new people; Andy Griffin from Cotton Boll Catering will treat us with spaghetti and slaw for 25 people.
    Thoughts from Margaret Craddock: I have been involved with this New Pathways effort in the Peabody-Vance neighborhood for about six years. For all of this time it has been led by the institutions – MIFA, Church Health Center and Methodist. These institutions, the businesses and TOPS as a congregation can get the attention of the city and of the police. The new push is about the voice of the homeowners in the Peabody-Vance neighborhood and making yourselves heard downtown. It is about your leadership and grassroots efforts, not those of MIFA and Church Health. Jenny Bartlett-Prescott from Church Health and I will support you, but not lead and organize. So, step up as Sharon Coleman has to do all you can to bring in others and recreate the neighborhood that Dr. Jamison remembers. You may want to shrink the focus area somewhat at the 4-7 meeting. It seems like it might be better to have success with a small area that you can concentrate effectively on and then branch out after a cohesive group develops. I am happy to keep sending the emails that you tell me to send. Thanks for being interested. It was nice to be with all of you last night.

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