Peabody-Vance Neighborhood

Important City Government Phone Numbers

The most important thing YOU can do is call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity.

Non-Emergency number for the Memphis Police Department is: 901-545-COPS (545-2677).
Animal Shelter: 901-382-5310

Auto Inspection: 901-528-2904

Board of Education: 901-325-5300

Memphis City Council: 901-576-6786

Code Enforcement: 901-5767380

Drain Maintentance: 901-357-0100

Drug Hotline: 901-525-3673

Emergency Management Agency: 901-576-6500

Mayor's Citizen Service Center: 901-576-6500

Memphis City Court Clerk: 901-545-5400

Mayor's Office: 901-576-6000

Metro Alarm Office: 901-576-6380

Memphis City Beautiful: 901-522-1135

Memphis Light Gas and Water: 901-544-6549

Memphis Police EMERGENCY: 911

Memphis Police Non-Emergency: : 901-545-2677

Office of Social Services: 901-576-6503

Permits Office: 901-528-2911

Pothole Repair: 901-528-2911

Recycling Center: 901-576-6876

Sewage Environmental Maintenance: 901-529-8025

Solid Waste Management: 901-576-6851

Weeds/Ground Maintenance: 901-278-0253